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What you need to know…




LiftAmerica™ can best be viewed when using Windows 95/98/2000 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.4, 5.7 or 6.0. Browsers other than Internet Explorer will give you some access to LiftAmerica, but will impose limits on the usability and occasionally create load and usage problems. Using the latest version of any browser will increase your ability to quickly and accurately surf the web, as well as optimize your use of LiftAmerica tools. If you do not have the most current Internet Explorer version, a free download is available from the Microsoft™ corporate site.



Log In/Log Out

To use most features within the LiftAmerica system, you must be logged in, starting by clicking on the login link | Login |.  The system requires a username and password, and prompts you to type in that information in the appropriate fields.  For security reasons, it is important that you log out at the end of your work session. Logging out is immediate when you click on the Logout link | Logout | at the top of the screen.



Browser Session Timeout

LiftAmerica has a timeout period that is associated with your connection or “session” on the web site. Timeouts are designed to maximize the resource utilization on the web servers.  When a timeout occurs, it means that your connection is no longer running. The next time you click on a link, it will return you to the login page.  Once you have re-logged in, you will need to navigate back to the page on which you were previously working.



Save vs. Cancel, Back or Close buttons

Always remember to use the save  button when finishing a task, rather than the back  , close  or cancel  buttons. Clicking the save button tells the program you are finished with that particular function and to post the results. Clicking on the cancel, back or close buttons ends your session on that screen without posting your work. If you wish to undo or to not save your additions or changes, simply use the cancel, back or close buttons.