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Kiosk Troubleshooting Guide

As with any equipment, you may occasionally experience a difficulty with the kiosk elements or computer. To help diagnose any problems that may occur, this section contains information and diagnostic tests that can identify the source of the trouble. Further, a few simple checks following the instructions listed on these pages may resolve the issue within minutes.

The topics covered here include power and connection issues, kiosk database registration, username and password authentication, equipment failure messages, scale and hand sensor testing. You will also find a troubleshooting table that lists the major troubleshooting points in an action summary, a quick access guide to finding tests and features, and a support contact list.

If you are experiencing trouble, it is helpful to read all the materials in the Troubleshooting Guide. However, you may use the navigation at the left to access specific topics, if needed. Clicking the Next button, below, will start you through the pages of the guide.