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Checking Connectivity


Most power and connection issues are readily identifiable. All electrical plugs should be firmly plugged in. All computer cables and wires should run to and from the various components, with solid connections at both ends. If you discover loose connections or wires, simply tighten them. If you discover unplugged cables or wires, you may plug them in ONLY if you are certain of the correct connection. If there is any doubt as to where they should be plugged in, call your school technician to review the situation. See the Troubleshooting Table for further support information, if necessary


For the system to operate correctly, you must have a viable, stable connection to the Internet. On start-up and every half hour, the software checks to see if a connection to the Internet exists. If it does not, a small red dot will appear to the right of the LiftAmerica logo, see example below, with one of several connection messages. Please read the message carefully and correct the error, if possible. Do not use the kiosk until you have established an Internet connection or contacted your school technician to do so. For help in overcoming firewall, proxy server and other issues, see the Support page for contact information.